About the panel

As any flight simulator enthusiast will tell you, its always more immersive if you can reach out and touch the flight controls as if you were in the real airplane!  To that end, M9 Aviation has been developing a custom switch panel, aimed squarely at the Hotstart TBM900 model currently popular for X-Plane.

This panel were designed to match the layout (albeit a bit smaller) to what is found in the real airplane.  Each switch is mapped to its corresponding function in the airplane itself, and in the case of the Master Warning/Caution buttons, also light up as appropriate.

Basic construction details:

  • Case is a formed, welded, and pained aluminum design
  • Face panel is laser cut 1/8" acrylic, painted and then etched to give crisp clear lines and lettering
  • Custom designed crash bar mechanism
  • Completed units are designed to sit on a desk, but could also be mounted in a panel or to the top of a Saitek yoke if desired

Of note, while this was modeled after the TBM900, the panel itself can be remapped to be used in a variety of other aircraft such as the Diamond DA62, Epic E1000, others.

Panel is only compatible with X-Plane 11 at this time.


Panel Variations

Deluxe Panel


The Deluxe panel contains all the switches present on the overhead AND Icing and ECS TBM900 panels.  This also includes the custom crash bar mechanism, dimmer (which works in the TBM), and lit Master Warning/Caution buttons.

This unit is designed to sit on a desktop.


16.5"W x 3.5"H x 4.5"D

PC Interface: USB cable (provided)